POSSIBLE MiniMum Advertorial

Proof-of-concept illustrating the production component of POSSIBLE Seattle’s 2018 Intern Project.

THE ASK: To promote mobile mindfulness among Seattle media professionals. Help agency employees curb the compulsive urge to check.

THE SOLUTION: An office-wide app-based game that utilizes comradery, positive reinforcement, awareness, and rewards to encourage mobile mindfulness. This video is part of a larger campaign designed to initially tease, then promote mobile mindfulness and app adoption. The campaign asks participants to be better phone parents, likening our unconscious overuse of mobile devices to helicopter parenting, and encouraging deliberate, quality time with your cell.



Director, DP, Production Designer, Writer, Editor: Sara Dilley

Producer: Grace Gandolfo

Creative Partners: Amber Lloyd, Dominic Martinez, Jessica Chase, Sam Coffaro, YJ Son

Production Assistants: Steve Aarts, Hayden Harris

Featuring: Steve Aarts, Jessica Chase, Caro Buck, Amber Lloyd, Dominic Martinez, YJ Son, Lucy Mungo, Sam Coffaro